Selected Design


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ANCESTORS “In Death” Test Press EP interiors, Youth Attack, 2014. 


FAILURES “Decline and Fall” LP, Youth Attack, 2014. 


 ANCESTORS "In Death" EP, Youth Attack, 2014. 


THE REPOS “Live Munitions” Test Press LP featuring IRON CROSS front man Sab Grey's original denim jacket from the early 1980's. Features full color, extra heavy handmade tip-on jackets, double-sided cardstock insert, virgin LP labels, and obi strip. Edition of 25, Youth Attack, 2013. 


+BLUTIGE MAGIE+ logo, 2013.


CASTEVET “Obsian” Digipack CD layout for Profound Lore, 2013.


CLEMENTINE VULGATE “Ibi Cubavit Lamia” arigato CS, Edition of 33, +BLUTIGE MAGIE+, 2013.


FINAL GRIN CS with hand assembled slipcover and posters in vinyl case, Edition of 250, Youth Attack, 2012.


HOAX 2nd EP with die-cut five-panel foldout jacket, Youth Attack, 2012.


ANCESTORS Nightmare-Inducing Pillow with silkscreened pillowcase and “Nightmare-Inducing” player that loops the Ancestors III LP through a built-in speaker system within the pillow to listen while one dreams. Edition of 20, Youth Attack, 2012.


JERKBOOTH RAZORBLADE Hand-etched, individually numbered Jerkbooth Razor Blade sealed in poly bag. Crafted by Anti-Killers. Only 1 made (production cancelled). Youth Attack, 2012.


THE REPOS “Kid Friendly Candy”. Each package contains 13 individually cellophane-wrapped, hand-stamped pieces displaying the band name, Edition of 33, 2013.


THE REPOS “Always Nothing” CS with hand-assembled book style box covers, double-sided foldout inserts, and pressed on black chrome tapes. Edition of 200, Youth Attack, 2013.